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ISTeP - UMR 7193
Institut des Sciences de la Terre de Paris

Séminaire ISTeP - Silvia Omodeo Salé


Thermal modelling and deposition of the organic matter in the basins: A multidisciplinary approach

In this work two subjects related with the evolution of the sedimentary basins are presented: 1) the reconstruction of the thermal evolution of a basin and 2) the deposition of the organic matter in the sedimentary basins. The methodology I proposed in my research envisages a multidisciplinary and multiscale approach and the application of the numerical modelling tools.

The integration of different type of data, from the microscopic to the plate scale, and the application of different methodologies (sedimentology, sequential stratigraphy, geochemistry, organic and inorganic petrography, structural geology) permit to better elucidate the factors determining: i) the evolution of the basins and ii) the characteristics of the basin infill. The numerical modelling permits to quantify the processes controlling the tectonic, stratigraphic and thermal evolution of a basin.

To illustrate these topics, different case-studies are presented herein: the Cameros Basin (North-Central Spain) and the Mannville Group (WCSB, Alberta, Canada). Finally, the perspectives of my future research are presented.

28/02/2017, Salle Fourcade à 12h30


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