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ISTeP - UMR 7193
Institut des Sciences de la Terre de Paris

Séminaire ISTeP - Irene Molinari

(ETH Zurich)

Imaging of crustal structure from geological and geophysical data: application to seismic shaking scenarios (Northern Italy)

New generation seismic networks and current advances in seismic wave-based imaging are the basis for new high-resolution images of the Earth’s crust. New 3D models of the Earth’s lithosphere have multiple applications in geophysics, ranging from geological and tectonics interpretations to the simulations of realistic seismic shaking scenarios.

 I will show a recent 3D crustal model of Alpine and Italian region derived merging geological observables and surface wave group and phase velocity from seismic ambient noise. The model shows the low velocity area beneath the Po Plain and the Molasse basin; the contrast between the low-velocity crust of the Adriatic domain and the high-velocity crust of the Tyrrhenian domain is clearly seen, as well as an almost uniform crystalline crust beneath the Alpine belt.

Focusing on the Po Plain basin, I will show how crucial is a detailed 3D crustal model to realistically simulate broadband seismic shaking scenarios. We apply a hybrid deterministic-stochastic method for the definition of seismic shakemap for past and possible earthquakes that are known to have occurred in North Italy.

26/02/2016 à 12h30, Salle Fourcade (Tour 55-56, 4ème étage)


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