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ISTeP - UMR 7193
Institut des Sciences de la Terre de Paris

Le Pourhiet Laetitia


Equipe : Dynamique et évolution des Marges et des Orogènes

Maître de conférence

UPMC -  Campus Jussieu, Tour 46-00, 2e étage - Case courrier 129

Tél : 01 44 27 78 83 -

Thèmes de recherche

My main research interest is the rheology of the crust and lithospheric mantle and their relationship to plate tectonics at different time- and length-scale. The approach I adopt heavily relies on the usage and the development of numerical codes. However, as a geologist, I place a strong emphasis on model validation using data from structural geology, petrology, thermo-chronology, geodesy and seismology depending on the context and availability of data.

 - Geodynamics, tectonics and structural geology modelling.
 - Rock mechanics/Rheology/Faulting (theory).
 - Development and usage of thermo-mechanical software (Flamar,Gale,pTatin).
 - Computer programming (C,Matlab, Fortran77/90, Python, PETSc).

Projets en cours

 - 2017-2018 Engie grant thermo-mechanical model of Intra-continental basin subsidence  (PhD Student Paul Perron)
 - 2016-2019 OROGEN (Collaboration Project INSU-BRGM-Total), obtained 2 years Post doc to work on Thermal regime at onset of collision (post doc starts 1/10/2017)
 - 2016-2018 ANR VARPEG: Variscan pegmatites as new potential mineral resources: A conceptual re-evaluation (PI: M. Pichavant). I am coordinator of Task 3 (Modelling) including 2 years post doc salary. 
 - 2015-2016 INSU-Tienshan (PI Y. Rolland) including financial support for PhD thesis of Anthony Jourdon
2013-2017 ITN ZIP Zooming In between Plates (PI: P. Agard).  I was coordinator of WP5 (training), in charge of Post Doc J. Ruh and of the secondment of  PhD students I. Ioanindi, C. Pranger.

Bibliographie récente


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Responsable des modules

- L3 Physique du globe Outils applications

- L3 Projet Informatique en géosciences


- L2 stage de normandie

- M1 SDUEE Modélisation (Reps. TP pour STEPE)

- M1 Tectonique et mécanique de la lithosphère.


- Directrice du département de Licence Science de la Terre

- Membre élue du conseil de l’UFR TEB

- Membre de la commission Recherche de l’UFR TEB

- Membre de la commission Enseignement de l’UFR TEB



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