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ISTeP - UMR 7193
Institut des Sciences de la Terre de Paris

Agard Philippe

Equipe : Dynamique et évolution des Marges et des Orogènes


Sorbonne Université - Campus Pierre et Marie Curie, Tour 46 - 00 3ème étage, Bureau 314
Téléphone : 01 44 27 52 35
E-mail : philippe.agard @
Personal website


Regional-scale tectonics and lithosphere dynamics, metamorphic petrology and rheology – with a focus on convergent plate margins (subduction, obduction)

for bibliography see below





2009-present  Full Professor, Sorbonne Université, Paris

1999-2009      Associate Professor, UPMC


Fellowships and awards

2020-present  Member of Academia Europaea (the Academy of Europe)

2011-2016      Member of Institut Universitaire de France (IUF, Junior Academy of Sciences)



2007                Habilitation thesis, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), Paris

1999                PhD thesis in Material sciences, UPMC

1994                Masters in Geology, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris

1991-1995      Fellow of Ecole Normale Supérieure




2017-present    Coordinator of the French-Iranian Geoscience network (>70 scientists, 11 institutions)

2013-2017        PI of Marie Curie International Training Network (ZIP, Zooming in between plates, 4M€)

2011-2014        PI of ANR project (ONLAP, Obduction no longer a puzzle, 0.4M€)

Several other projects as PI (about 500 k€ in total) funded through Institut National des Sciences de l’Univers (CNRS), MEBE (consortium of petroleum companies), TOTAL, Egide (with UK and Turkey), BRGM (RGF-Alpes).




1999-present    As Associate or Full Professor at UPMC/Sorbonne: Introduction to Geosciences, Field mapping, Metamorphic petrology and mineral resources, Lithospheric-scale geodynamics, Tutored projects on climate change or geodynamics. At Ecole Normale Supérieure: Metamorphism and Geodynamics

2021                MOVE (virtual excursions), with Univ. Heidelberg and Prague,

2017                ZIP exhibition and ENVEXX (climate change with undergrad. students), ~2000 visitors

see virtual exhibitions @

2016                « Geopix », geological outreach for the wider public,



2015-present   Editor in Chief, Tectonophysics, Elsevier (~120 manuscripts/year)

2020-2025        Member of Commission Scientifique Terre Solide (National Committee), CNRS

2011-2017        Head of Earth Science Undergraduate Studies (150 students/level/year), UPMC

2012-2014        Deputy-Head of Terre vivante et environnement, 1 of the 4 UPMC divisions

2011-2015        Deputy-Head of Observatoire Sciences de l’Univers Ecce Terra (~1500 people), CNRS

2011-2014        Scientific Board of UPMC

2010-2020        PI of International Lithosphere Task force IX, International Union of Geological Sciences

2000-2003        Organizer of Internal seminars, Institut des Sciences de la Terre à Paris





Supervision of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows

— 10 former PhDs as main advisor:

  • Yamato  (2006) Full Professor, Université Rennes (IUF junior)
  • Omrani  (2008) Deputy-Head, Geological Survey of Iran
  • Angiboust (2011) Full Professor, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon
  • Plunder  (2013) Senior researcher, Bureau Recherches Géologiques Minières (BRGM)
  • Prigent  (2017) Associate Professor, Institut Physique du Globe, Paris
  • Soret  (2017) Post-doctoral fellow, U.B.C., now at Université Orléans
  • Tan  (2018) Associate Professor, Chinese Academy of sciences, Urumqi
  • Bonnet  (2018) Post-doctoral fellow, U.C.S.B. (EFIRE project), now Sorbonne Université
  • Lefeuvre (2020) Post-doctoral fellow, Université Pau
  • Jentzer  (2021) Post-doctoral fellow, Sorbonne Université

— 5 PhDs as co-advisor, 4 ongoing PhD students and 19 Master Students.

— 3 Post-docs: A. Vitale-Brovarone (2011-2013), Full Professor Bologna University; T. Duretz (2012-2013), Full Professor Frankfurt University; J. Ruh (2014-2016), Assistant Professor ETH


Invited presentations and visiting positions

Recent keynoytes at international conferences:

  • AGU Fall meeting 2013: « Into the subduction plate interface »
  • Geological Society of America 2014: « Accretion, underplating, detachment and exhumation »
  • EGU 2015: « Metamorphic probing of subduction dynamics and rheology »
  • EGU 2015: « Fluid content along the subduction plate interface »
  • EGU 2018: « How subduction initiation proceeds »
  • AGU Fall meeting 2019: « Metamorphic reactions, deformation and fluid migration »

In 2018, I was invited as Visiting Professor at UC Davis, USA (Oct.), Roma Tre, Italy (Jun.) and Prague University, Czech Republic (Mar.). I have also given 35 invited international seminars over the past 10 years (Rome, Oxford, Cambridge, Ankara, Edinburgh, Beijing, Medellin, Vancouver, Providence, Potsdam, Berlin, Zürich, Praha, Montpellier). In 2021: Genova University, Imperial College London, Pennsylvania State University, Carnegie Institution for Science. I was in sabbatical at Oxford for three months in 2009.


Organisation of scientific meetings and outreach

2017-2019   PI, « Transdisciplinary Research on Geology, Geodynamics, Earthquakes and Resources », Iran. In 2017 (2 days, 270 participants), 2018 (4 days, ~300 participants) and 2019 (3 days, 130 participants)

2017   PI, « Subduction Interface Processes », 4 days, 100 participants

2015   PI, « Tectonic and geodynamic evolution of Eastern Iran », Iran, 4 days (110 participants )

2013   co-PI, with M. Cloos, UT Austin, « Franciscan Subd. complex », USA, 7 days (35 participants)

2011   PI, « Nature of the plate interface in subduction zones », Italy, 6 days (75 participants )

2017   ZIP exhibition and ENVEXX (climate change project with undergraduate students), ~2000 visitors

see virtual exhibitions,

2016   Geopix », geological outreachfor the wider public,

2003-2021   Teaching books (2003, 2005, 2011), outreach articles (2020, 2021), websites (2005, 2021)


Organisation of sessions

AGU: 2011, 2015 (2 sessions), 2016, 2019  // EGU: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2017, 2018


Organisation of international excursions

Oman (2011; 6 days, 25 p.), Italy (2014; 8 days, 35 p.), Alpine Workshop (2015; 2 days, 18 p.), EFIRE Alpine field institutes (2017, 2019: 10 days, 30 p.).



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2003 — Agard P. Lemoine M., Visage des Alpes : Structure et évolution géodynamique, CCGM-CGMW, 50 p.
2005 — Agard P. Lemoine M., Faces of the Alps : Structural and geodynamic evolution, , CCGM-CGMW, 50 p.
2011 — Beaux J.F., Fogelsang J.F., Agard P., Boutin V., Atlas de Géologie-Pétrologie, Dunod, 176 p.
2020 — Agard P., Plunder A., Subduction et obduction: le destin de la lithosphère vu à travers ses reliques, 18 p.
2021 — Agard P., Obduction: l’ophiolite d’Oman portée aux nues, Géochronique, 13 p.


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